Furniture Repair, Orillia, ON

We understand the desire to protect and restore items, which is why we offer furniture repair in Orillia, ON.

For many people, the furniture in their homes reflects their personal style, while also serving a function. A unique armoire in the living room or bedroom can look beautiful, while also providing a place to store clothing or other personal items. A dining room table and chairs might have been inherited from a family member who brought the items to the home in a covered wagon or on a trek from another land. Even if your furniture came from a local store, it probably required a substantial investment.

Regardless of its history, your furniture is precious and valuable. If something shows signs of wear or becomes damaged, you probably don’t want to spend the money to completely replace it. In some cases, items are simply irreplaceable due to their historical significance and value. At MARABREK Kitchens & Bath, we understand the desire to protect and restore items, which is why we offer furniture repair. Whether you have a broken shelf that needs to be replaced or a coffee table that is damaged with water rings and scuffs, our team is available for furniture repair.

Our furniture repair services are offered for all types of furniture. We can also repair items that have been damaged in disaster situations, such as flooding and fires. Each of our staff members pays close attention to detail and performs excellent craftsmanship to make sure that your furniture is handled well. Call us today for more information about our furniture repair services, available in and around Orillia, Ontario.