Custom Woodworking, Orillia, ON

We offer custom woodworking that will transform your Orillia, Ontario bathroom or kitchen.

One of the most functional parts of a kitchen or bathroom is the cupboards, which provide storage space for baking tools, toiletries, towels, and any other items that you use regularly. Cupboards carry a lot of weight, so they have to be strong and durable to prevent mishaps. Poorly constructed millwork can be dangerous, since a cracked or damaged piece could result in injury. They are typically one of the most expensive components of a kitchen or bathroom renovation. However, trying to cut costs by choosing cheap options isn’t a good way to go.

At MARABREK Kitchens & Bath, we offer custom woodworking that will transform your Orillia, Ontario bathroom or kitchen. With custom options, we can make the room look completely different with just a few simple changes. This means that you won’t have to spend a ton of money on your renovation or building project. Instead, just upgrading the woodworking can make the space look updated and modern.

Our owner and founder is a sixth-generation master carpenter who has been in the custom woodworking industry for over three and a half decades. He received his training from Austrian and Dutch craftsmen and uses that knowledge and training to create custom woodworking designs that are both beautiful and highly functional. Our company also takes pride in providing environmentally friendly solutions for all types of projects, using lacquers that are free of dangerous chemicals, as well as kitchen elements that make it easy to reduce your carbon footprint.